Kaduna FA election under threat after obnoxious guideline was leaked to contestants

Kaduna state governor Nasir El Rufai must act fast as another round of crisis that could lead to a bloodbath looms in the state. Aggrieved persons have sharpened their knives and swords ready to go to war few days to the fast approaching Kaduna state FA election.
Reasons for this impending war according to information made available to www.nigeriasportsmouthpiece.org are listed below
1. Sale of forms and submission starts on Sunday May 26 and will close on Tuesday May 28, meaning, interested candidates have just one working day to access the forms, pay for it, fill it and submit. A situation most delegates say is undemocratic and unacceptable.
2. The Election proper has been taken to Kafanchan in the outskirt of Kaduna state where the security of delegates cannot be fully guaranteed.
3. A certain clause that was none existent in the rule book when the election was held four years ago has been included by the incumbent in his desperate effort to prevent any interested candidate from contesting against him for the post of state FA chairman. 
The controversial clause is marked with a red pen in the document provided below. It reads  ” For the position of chairman, the person aspiring must have been the chairman of a local football council for a period of four years prior to the date of the election”

One of the lead candidates aspiring for the position of board member spoke on condition of anonymity and threatened to go to court if something urgent is not done to this obnoxious clause. He also appealed to the Kaduna state governor to impress it on the state FA chairman to bring the election to Kaduna town as the safety of delegates cannot be guaranteed in Kafanchan. Earlier on Sunday morning the election timetable was released by the secretary of the electoral committee and in that document  it was stated that the sale of forms started since May 17 which is a sharp contrast from reality. Please find below a copy of the election timetable released on Sunday May 26.

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